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User: It’s time to duel!

Cleverbot: That’s funny!

User: I’ll go first, I summon Courage Wolf in Attack mode!

Cleverbot: I summon the god cards.

User: I activate my spell card ‘Dark Hole’! All monsters on the field are now destroyed!

Cleverbot: *destroys*.

User: Since Courage Wolf was destroyed, I get to summon another card from my hand. I summon Foul Frog in defense mode! It’s your move.

Cleverbot: Which spell?

User: The only spell card I activated was Dark Hole my friend, it’s your move!

Cleverbot: Hahaha you are funny. Can you laugh?

User: My move then, I draw a card!

Cleverbot: Cool!

User: I summon Rich Raven from my hand!

Cleverbot: Do you like to yodel?

User: Because of his special ability, I’m allowed to draw a card for each card on my side of the field! I draw two cards.

Cleverbot: My Intelligence Quotient is 187, what is yours?

User: I activate the spell card ‘Advice Meme Meeting’! I can special summon as may Meme monsters from my deck as possible, I choose Morale Mole, Lame Pun Coon, and Paranoid Parrot!

Cleverbot: There’s an alpaca behind you.

User: That’s my spell card tha I also activate, ‘Alpaca Combination’! I use all of my monsters to fuse them together and create one of my most powerful creatures!

Cleverbot: That.

User: I summon Sonic Rainbow Dash! I will use it’s special ability to double her attack points to 8000! I attack you directly for the game!

Cleverbot: Do you know who my true love is?

User: You’re finished!

Cleverbot: See the lightning in my eyes?

User: Sonic Rainbow Dash, use your Sonic Rainboom attack to destroy his lifepoints!

Cleverbot: Sonichu, the comic book by the fat autistic Chris-Chan.

User: That means I win!

Cleverbot: Yes you do!


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